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Saiko Sept Pulver is an innovative and modern preparation for high degree cleaning and disinfection of invasive and non-invasive medical devices. It is recommended for surgical and dental instruments as well as for all kinds of endoscopes, surgical probes, respirator tubes, and other anaesthetic devices. It can also be used to disinfect surfaces of medical equipment such as incubators. It is recommended for manual disinfection, in ultrasonic washers, automatic washers, and in endoscope cleaners. The product does not require the addition of an activator. The clean preparation exhibits activity for up to 30 hours. The innovative formula contains four enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase, and mannose) responsible for removing organic impurities such as blood, protein, fats, secretions. The content of surfactants prevents powder dusting and guarantees excellent washing properties.

Concentration: 2%. Effects after just 10 minutes.

Effective spectrum: bacteria (including MRSA), fungi (C. albicans), fungi (C. Brasiliensis), tubercle bacilli (M. terrae, M. avium), viruses (Polio, Adeno, Noro), enveloped viruses (HIV, HBV, HCV, Rotavirus, SARS, Influenza, Herpes, Simplex, Ebola), spores (Cl. Difficile), spores (B. subtilis).

Ingredients: 100 g of preparation contains: 44g of sodium percarbonate (CAS: 15630-89-4), 26g TAED (CAS: 10543-57-4), enzymes, organic acids, non-ionic surfactants, corrosion inhibitors

Directions for use: Measure the amount of tap water according to the dosing table, then pour the correct amount of powder using the provided measuring cup, stir the solution, cover the vessel and allow to activate for 15 minutes. After this time, stir the solution again. The use of warm water will accelerate the dissolution of the powder. Small residues on the bottom of the vessel guarantee the stability of the preparation over time. Cleaning and disinfection of tools and endoscopes: thoroughly submerge the tools, observing the complete filling with the preparation of all elements and channels of medical equipment. After a defined duration (10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the chosen concentration), remove the tools from the solution and rinse them with drinking quality water (preferably with sterile distilled water or demineralised water). Replace the solution daily. The preparation is not intended for toolsmade of aluminium, copper, and brass. It can be used for undamaged chromed and nickel-plated tools. Surface cleaning and disinfection: spray medical equipment surfaces with a solution or wipe with a cloth and leave to act for 10 minutes. Washing and disinfection of incubators: detailed instructions for disinfection of incubators are available. Protect against moisture. Seal the container tightly after use. Do not immerse wet tools in the powder. Do not use on disposable instruments. Observe the instructions of the manufacturer of the tools and equipment. Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged. Store below 25° C.



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